About Us

Prophet Costs is a programme exclusively designed to assist MRN Solicitors and our clients to compile thorough and transparent budgets via a collaborative portal.

MRN Solicitors have been providing costs services nationwide for well over a decade. We are uniquely placed within the sector for providing a consistently high quality service.

MRN Solicitors have always offered a transparent approach to dealing with client’s files, via interpersonal communication and online real time reporting. Ask any client of MRN where their file is up to and they can tell you straightaway! This demonstrates our commitment to working with our clients. We exceed expectations both in terms of service and results on their files.

The Prophet Costs programme is the brainchild of Elliot Mocton the founder and director of MRN Costs Solicitors. A year or so prior to the implementation of the Jackson Reforms he was working with our software and design teams to find an ideal budgeting solution. The programme enables you to continue fee earning in the knowledge that Prophet Costs is taking care of all your budgeting requirements.